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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Duty and Beyond
Walkthrough with full points (355 out of a possible 355)
Walkthrough written by Tim W.
With plenty of help from Mordalles.

Press the escape key to skip walking animation from one
room another, much like the Monkey Island series.


Look at window. (1, 1)
Use bike. (2, 3)
Use bike again. (1, 4)
Use door on right.
Get snooker cue. (1, 5)
Get trophy. (1, 6)
Get iron. (1, 7)
Look at blue cup. (3, 10)
Use stairs.
Search coat for key. (1, 11)
Use door on right twice.
Open refrigerator to get meat. (1, 12)
Push table to reveal trapdoor. (1, 13)
Use trapdoor.
Get note on safe. (1, 14)
Ignore safe combination input request.
Read note.
Get cards on table. (1, 15)
Use stairs.
Use door on right twice.
Examine last grave. (1, 16)
Examine window above nest. (1, 17)
Use door on left four times.
Use stairs.
Use door on right.
During the conversation, choose option 2.
After cutscene, open door in middle.
Get plunger. (1, 18)
Open cupboard under sink and get duct tape. (1, 19)
Exit bathroom.
Open the third door.
Get umbrella. (1, 20)
Exit room.
Use key on door. (1, 21)
Use door on right.
Open cupboard to get lock cutter. (1, 22)
Use window on right.
Use cue with hook to create hook device. (1, 23)
Use duct tape with hook device to create strong hook device. (1, 24)
Use strong hook device on nest to get note and egg. (3, 27)
Use lock cutter on tool shed and get shovel. (2, 29)
Use shovel on grave.
Type WEB to transport yourself to the submarine. (4, 33)


Get plate. (1, 34)
Talk to goldfish for Spooks reference.
Use door on right.
Open cupboard and get pepper. (1, 35)
Use door on right.
Open chest on left to get harpoon manual. (1, 36)
Read harpoon manual. (1, 37)
Open chest on right to get yellow wire. (1, 38)
Use door on right.
Use towels to get crowbar. (1, 39)
Return to ladder and go down to Level 02.
Use door on right.
Get red wire. (1, 40)
Use door on right twice.
Use arcade machine on right to get two coins. (1, 41)
Use coins on vending machine to get snack. (2, 43)
Return to ladder and go down to floor 04.
Use door on right.
Use sacks to get old food. (1, 44)
Talk to crew member on left and ask to borrow his diving gear. (1, 45)
He will loan it to you if you catch a fish from the sea for him.
Talk to guard who is watching over the submarine.
Ask him to loan you the sub.
He will request for a form from Administration, located at Level 03.
Talk to guard on right and ask him to release the prisoner.
Attempt to bribe him.
He will request for food and pass you a recipe. (1, 46)
Read the recipe.
It states that you require weed, starfish, pepper and amphibian egg.
Talk to Stan the prisoner.
He will trade stolen money for his freedom. (1, 47)
Return to ladder and go up to Level 03.
Use door on right.
Look at blue cup. (3, 50)
Talk to scientist and find out how the tanks work.
Talk to the crew member sitting in the middle.
Find out from him that the power in Section C is down.
Talk to the third crew member and find out that he's fired.
Ask him about the form in his hand.
Use door on right.
Get healthy food placed just above sick crew member. (1, 51)
Look at lava lamp.
Ask doctor about lava lamp. (1, 52)
Use either the yellow or red wire on lava lamp. (2, 54)
You will create an orange wire.
Use door on right.
Use faucet just after the last tank. (1, 55)
Use shovel on tanks to break one. (2, 57)
Use door on right.
Swap the bird's egg in your inventory with an amphibian egg. (2, 59)
Only do this when the guard takes a puff from his smoke.
Return to ladder and go up to Level 02.
Use door on right and talk to the council.
Ask about Roy and find out that he's allergic to anything old. (1, 60)
Return to ladder and go up to Level 01.
Use door on left.
Give the snack in your inventory to the mechanic. (1, 61)
Use the toolbox to get a wrench. (1, 62)
Use door on right.
Use wrench on panel. (1, 63)
Use orange wire on panel. (1, 64)
Use door on right.
Get slime from ceiling. (1, 65)
Return to ladder and go down to Level 03.
Talk to scientist and inform him that the tank is broken. (1, 66)
Tell the second crew member that the power is fixed. (1, 67)
Use old food on healthy food. (1, 68)
Give disguised food to the last crew member. (1, 69)
Get the admission form from administration. (1, 70)
She will inform you that it requires the approval of the council.
Return to ladder and go up to level 02.
Use door on right to see the council.
Give the admission form to the council for approval. (1, 71)
Return to ladder and go down to Level 04.
Use door on right twice.
Give admission form to the submarine guard. (1, 72)
Use the submarine.
Get the starfish located at the top left of the screen. (2, 74)
Position your submarine so that your harpoon will hit the swimming fish.
Use harpoon on fish, it will appear in your inventory. (1, 75)
Talk to mermaid at the bottom right of the screen and tell her she's beautiful.
Move your submarine one screen down.
Position your submarine so that your harpoon will hit the swimming fish.
Use harpoon on fish, you will now have two fishes in your inventory. (1, 76)
Use crowbar on oyster to get pearl. (1, 77)
Attempt to enter excavation site on bottom right of the screen.
The guard will request that you move your submarine away.
Talk to the guard to find out that you need another form to enter the site.
To your left, there are some loose rocks nearby.
Use loose rocks to remove them and reveal a path. (1, 78)
Take note of this path.
You will return to it when you have acquired the treasure.
Now return to the station by going two screens up.
Give fish to crew member in exchange for the diving gear. (1, 79)
Find the captain.
He is stationed in a room located next to the ladder in Level 04, to the left.
Ask the captain for an admission form to enter the excavation site.
He will request for an object from the shipwreck.
Use the submarine again.
Give the pearl to the mermaid. (1, 80)
She will tell you how to get past the squid and enter the shipwreck.
Move your submarine one screen down and search for the shipwreck.
The shipwreck can be found at the bottom left of the screen.
Talk to giant squid.
Use diving gear on hole in shipwreck to get chocolate. (1, 81)
Return to the station.
Give the chocolate to the captain in exchange for the admission form. (1, 82)
Return to ladder and go up to Level 00.
Use diving gear on ladder to exit submarine.
Use crowbar on octopus covering periscope to remove it. (2, 84)
Use hatch to return to ship.
Use door on right.
Give termination form to chef. (2, 86)
Put weed in pot. (1, 87)
Put starfish in pot. (1, 88)
Put pepper in pot. (1, 89)
Put egg in pot. (1, 90)
Use plate with pot. (1, 91)
Return to ladder and go down to level 04.
Use door on right three twice.
Give illegal food to guard. (3, 94)
The guard will release Stan, and you will get lots of money as reward.
Use the submarine and return to the path.
Use diving gear on path and find the treasure chest.
Use chest to get note. (1, 95)
Use lots of money on treasure chest to get the blue gem in return. (2, 97)
Return to submarine.
Use admission form on guard to be allowed passage to the excavation site. (1, 98)
Get feet. You'll be transported back to the mansion. (2, 100)


Use door on right three times.
Talk to suit of armour, and say the word JOUST.


Watch another cutscene. (3, 103)
Enter house and talk to chief.
Ask chief about the stone hands. (1, 104)
He will give you a quest to slay the goblin just outside the town walls.
Use door on right.
Search cupboard for piece of blue cloth. (1, 105)
Exit chief's house.
Get axe on the right side of the building. (1, 106)
Talk to merchant, and ask for an apple.
Give merchant the trophy in exchange for an apple. (1, 107)
Use path on right.
Get bucket and rope sitting on top of the well. (2, 109)
Enter inn, which is the first building on the left.
Look at the blue cup sitting on the top shelf. (3, 112)
Talk to barman and ask for an ale. (1, 113)
Give ale to shady character. (1, 114)
Ask shady character about what he does, then who he works for.
Talk to barman and ask for an ale.
Give ale to shady character. (1, 115)
Ask shady character about who he works for, then the amulet. (1, 116)
Ask shady character about the spot, but he won't tell.
Talk to barman and ask for an ale.
Give ale to shady character. (1, 117)
Ask shady character about the spot and learn about the emblem. (1, 118)
Talk to barman and ask for another ale.
Talk to local and ask about everything, especially telekinesis. (1, 119)
Talk to adventurer and ask about mountains and herbs.
He will present you with a pickaxe. (1, 120)
Ask adventurer about music. (1, 121)
Use the stairs on the right.
Examine pillow to find a diary and acquire a new quest. (1, 122)
Open the cupboard and get the harp. (1, 123)
Exit inn, then enter the smaller building.
Get hammer. (1, 124)
Talk to blacksmith. Ask about weapons and his problems.
Exit blacksmith's shop, then use path on right.
Get flower, then proceed right to watch a short cutscene. (1, 125)
Pull out sign to wizard's place and add it to your inventory. (1, 126)
Proceed right, then use door on right to enter wizard's place.
Get the pen and paper from the desk. (1, 127)
Read books about dragon. (1, 128)
Read books about unicorn. (1, 129)
Read books about centaurs, then guilds and emblems. (1, 130)
Use ladder.
Talk to wizard, and ask about spell book. (1, 131)
Examine spell book to obtain three scrolls. (1, 132)
Climb down the ladder, then proceed two screens left.
Go one screen down to the goblin's campfire.
Get stick on ground, on the left side of the screen. (1, 133)
Use stick on campfire or furnace to create ember (1, 134)
Use ember on blue cloth to create the emblem. (1, 135)
Proceed one screen right.
Use sleeping scroll on rock. (2, 137)
Talk to fairy and ask about waterfall.
Ask for water, and she will request for her amulet in exchange. (1, 138)
Proceed right to the cave entrance.
Walk further in and grab a mushroom. (1, 139)
Walk further in and search the body for a remote control. (1, 140)
Use pickaxe on rock to get a piece of rock from the cave. (1, 141)
Return to the waterfall and use axe on weed. (2, 143)
Get acorn, and the squirrel will follow you around. (1, 144)
Guide the squirrel one screen right, then one screen down.
Use the large entrance to meet the unicorn.
Give the apple to the unicorn. (1, 145)
Use unicorn to acquire the unicorn's hair. (1, 146)
Use unicorn's hair on broken harp to fix it. (1, 147)
Ask unicorn about the flower.
Use acorn on flower, and the squirrel will climb the tree to retrieve it.
Piet will automatically do the same to retrieve some nectar. (2, 149)
Return to the village and approach the pig just outside the chief's house.
Use harp on pig to free Stan from spell. (3, 152)
Walk to higher ground on the left.
Use sign post on ground. (1, 153)
Use hammer on sign. (1, 154)
Use rope on sign. (1, 155)
Use rope to get rare fruit. (1, 156)
Go one screen right and enter the inn.
Use mind scroll the local to draw his telekinesis energy. (1, 157)
Give harp to adventurer in return for herbs. (1, 158)
Leave the inn.
Use sleeping scroll on peasant to draw his energy. (2, 160)
Use pen and paper on sleeping peasant to compose a love poem. (2, 162)
Use flower on love poem. (1, 163)
Try to give flower to the girl standing outside the inn.
Enter blacksmith's shop.
Use door on right to find blacksmith's wife.
Give flower and poem to blacksmith's wife. (2, 165)
Use door on right.
Use metal on blacksmith, and he will forge a sword for you. (1, 166)
Exit blacksmith's shop.
Go one screen right to the goblin tents.
Use herb on sleeping scroll. (2, 168)
Use sleeping spell on guard. (2, 170)
Enter tent.
Get armour. (1, 171)
Use sword on goblin warrior. (2, 173)
Return to village and talk to chief to get stone hand. (2, 175)
Exit chief's house and go one screen right.
Use cloth with emblem on hole to put it in. (1, 176)
Click on the side of the inn to hide behind the building.
Follow the shady character two screens right and watch his actions. (2, 178)
Notice that the lever that he presses is disguised as a tree branch.
Try pressing the lever.
Use umbrella on lever to get the amulet out of the nest. (2, 180)
Go to the waterfall.
Give amulet to fairy. (1, 181)
Use bucket on fairy to get water. (1, 182)
Now you have all the ingredients for the last two spells.
Use ale on enchant scroll. (1, 183)
Use rare fruit on enchant scroll. (1, 184)
Use bucket of water on enchant scroll. (1, 185)
Use green mushrooms on enchant scroll to create enchant spell. (1, 186)
Use remote control on mind scroll. (1, 187)
Use roots on mind scroll. (1, 188)
Use nectar on mind scroll to create mind control spell. (1, 189)
Use enchant spell on armour. (1, 190)
Now you're ready to slay the dragon with your sword and armour.
Go to the dragon cave.
Use armour on the right path to slay the dragon. (2, 192)
Get the red gem. (3, 195)
Exit the cave and return to the goblin campfire.
Use mind control spell on goblin. (2, 197)
You will now control the goblin instead of Piet.
Go three screens right and enter the castle's dining room.
Grab a plate. (1, 198)
Go one screen right to enter the kitchen.
Talk to the chef and ask for the job of assistant chef. (1, 199)
He will request for a mouse from the dungeon.
Get the sausage. (1, 200)
Open the cupboard for some spices. (1, 201)
Go one screen right.
Search the garbage bag to get an old cheese. (1, 202)
Return to the ladder and go one screen up.
Go one screen right and challenge the goblin to a duel.
Say that he is weak and ask him about the number of times he has defended his title.
Bet that he can't go one round with you.
Win the challenge automatically to get a key. (2, 204)
Go one screen right to enter the barracks.
Use key to open chest on right for a wooden box. (2, 206)
Examine wooden box to get a knife. (1, 207)
Go two screens left to return to the ladder.
Go two screens down to enter the dungeon.
Talk to man in the last prison on the right.
Ask him for the poison.
Use knife on sleeping jailer to get the prison key. (1, 208)
Use key on last prison door to acquire poison. (1, 209)
Use spices on old cheese to make cheese smell better. (1, 210)
Use cheese on wooden box to create a mouse trap. (1, 211)
Use box with cheese on mouse hole to catch mouse. (1, 212)
Return to kitchen.
Give mouse to chef. (1, 213)
Put sausage in cauldron. (1, 214)
Put poison in cauldron. (1, 215)
Use plate on cauldron to get stew. (1, 216)
Return to ladder and go two floors up, then go right.
Talk to the goblin. Tell the goblin that you're here to serve food.
Give stew to goblin leader. (1, 217)
Use door on right.
You will get the bronze fist automatically. (1, 218)
Get the pillow from the bed. (1, 219)
Use bronze fist on pillow. (1, 220)
Use balcony.
Use pillow on trashcan. (3, 223)
Exit the throne room, return to the kitchen and head for the trashcan.
You will grab the bronze fist automatically. (1, 224)
Return to the goblin campfire and use Piet to transport back to the mansion.


You will automatically read the new note.
Go one screen left and use the stairs.
Go one screen right and use the right door.
Use axe on cupboard. (1, 225)
Use the exit which was revealed behind the cupboard, then use ladder.
Go three screens left.
Read the safe note in your inventory again.
Now count the number of yellow, red and black books on the top of the right bookshelf.
The first number is 221.
Go two screens right.
Get the spring from the sofa. (1, 226)
Use boards which are located on the floor, next to the boxes. (1, 227)
Search the dead body for a magnifying glass. (1, 228)
Exit the room and head for the kitchen.
Get the kitchen knife which just magically appeared. (1, 229)
Go two screens right.
Use kitchen knife on comfy chair to get a tiny piece of paper. (1, 230)
Use magnifying glass to read the tiny piece of paper. (1, 231)
The number 459 is revealed.
Add both numbers, 221 and 459. The total is 680.
680 is the safe combination to use.
Return to the safe.
Use safe and enter the combination 680. (2, 233)
Use the safe again to get foreign money. (1, 234)
Speak to the safe. Use the word SECURE. (1, 235)
You will be transported to London.


Talk to guy in coat and ask to buy a newspaper.
Use money on newspaper salesman to get newspaper. (1, 236)
Read newspaper to find out about marble head and Moore Street. (1, 237)
Talk to guy in coat again, ask him about transportation to Moore Street.
He will tell you to call a taxi service using the phone booth.
Use phone to call a taxi. (1, 238)
Take the taxi to Moore Street.
Search the dumpster for a plank. (1, 239)
On the wooden fence is a tiny blue pixel.
Use it to reveal a torn piece of clothing. (1, 240)
Use door on left to enter the fine restaurant.
Ask the owner about the murder. (1, 241)
Show the torn piece of clothing to the owner. (1, 242)
He will tell you the location of a drapery shop, in Lamb Street.
Ask the customer about the car. (1, 243)
Exit the fine restaurant, then enter the door on the right.
You'll find yourself in a jewelry store.
Get the shiny object on the floor, which is actually a hairpin. (1, 244)
Ask jeweller about murder to find out about Scotland Yard. (1, 245)
Use the taxi and head for Lamb Street.
Use umbrella on Bess to shelther her from the rain.
She will leave after a short conversation.
Search the dumpster to acquire an old fish. (1, 246)
Use the door on right to enter the bakery.
Give money to baker to purchase a loaf of bread. (1, 247)
Show the torn piece of clothing to the baker. (1, 248)
Exit bakery, then enter the building on the left.
Show her the torn piece of clothing. (1, 249)
She will deny any knowledge.
Ask her about her nervousness.
Exit drapery shop.
Use old fish on vent. (1, 250)
The girl will lock the drapery shop and leave to fetch her father.
Use hairpin on locked door. (1, 251)
Enter the drapery shop and use the door inside.
Use knife on boxes to get a fishing net. (1, 252)
Use knife on prisoner to cut the ropes and release him. (2, 254)
You will get the tape, rope and number on plate.
Exit the drapery shop.
Use the taxi and head for Scotland Yard.
Ask the beggar to distract the officer. (1, 255)
He will request for food.
Offer the beggar a loaf of bread to distract the officer. (1, 256)
Use plank to knock the officer out. (3, 259)
You will get the uniform and flashlight but lose all your money.
Use the door to enter Scotland Yard.
Use stairs to reach the top floor.
Examine paper to get the safe combination, 33456. (1, 260)
Enter the number 33456 to open the safe and get a gun. (3, 263)
Grab a form from the table when the officer looks away. (1, 264)
Use number on plate together with urgent form. (1, 265)
Use uniform on door to right to enter the morgue. (1, 266)
Examine the body to find a tattoo on hand. (1, 267)
Use magnifying glass on body to reveal the word RAIN.
Talk to body to reveal a Grim Fandango reference.
Exit the morgue and use the stairs to reach the ground floor.
Use plate number on officer to find out about the scrapyard. (2, 269)
Exit Scotland Yard.
Use the taxi and head for the London Scrapyard.
Get crowbar from the floor. (1, 270)
Use meat on street to distract dog. (1, 271)
Use car to search it and find out about Wilson Street. (1, 272)
Use the taxi and head for Wilson Street.
Talk to bouncer, the password is RAIN. (1, 273)
Use the door to enter gambling house.
Look at the blue cup. (3, 276)
Look at card players for a Cedric and the Revolution reference.
Use cards on card player to find out about secret meeting at park. (1, 277)
Exit the gambling house.
Use the taxi and head for the park. (1, 278)
You'll arrive just in time to see a man leave.
Use the taxi and follow the man to Wilson Street. (1, 279)
Enter the drain. Use the gun on the man quickly. (1, 280)
Search the body for a key. (1, 281)
Use fishing net on shiny object to get the green gem. (2, 283)
Use crowbar to open door. (1, 284)
Enter the room.
Use flashlight on desk. (1, 285)
Use key on drawer to find out about Huhn Manor. (2, 287)
Leave the sewers and return to the taxi.
Head for Huhn Manor.
Climb the plant on the left side of the building. (2, 289)
Use the front door to enter the manor.
Use the left door.
Use the phone to call the police. (2, 291)
Return to the main room and use the right door.
Use the strange vase to unlock the door upstairs. (1, 292)
Return to the main room and head upstairs.
Use the door on the right.
Get the statue head to teleport back to the mansion. (1, 293)


You will find yourself back at the mansion with another note.
Use the stairs, go two screens left and use the stairs again.
Go right, open the third door, then use the exit to your left.
Use the ladder, then go right twice.
Try and pull the rope, then talk to the ghost.
Ask the ghost to pull the rope, revealing a ladder. (1, 294)
Use the ladder, use the window, then use the left exit.
Use the rooster on top of the roof to get it. (1, 295)
Head for the room with the sofa and painting of a red dragon.
Use the rooster on the strange slot. (1, 296)
The painting will be activated.
Speak to the dragon painting, use the word SAND. (1, 297)
You will be teleported to Egypt.


Grab the rock lying on the ground just next to you. (1, 298)
Use rock on vulture. (1, 299)
Use the skeleton that the vulture was feeding on to get skull. (1, 300)
Use rock on coconut tree to get a coconut. (1, 301)
Observe the engravings around the door.
Three symbols are lit up in green while the others are black in color.
Click on these three symbols on the panel to open the door. (2, 303)
Enter the door and use the lift.
Use the lower left exit and activate the blue switch. (1, 304)
Return to the lift and go one floor down.
Use the upper left exit and activate the red switch. (1, 305)
Look at the engravings in the same room.
Return to the lift and go one floor up.
Use the lower right exit.
Time your run just right to walk past the crusher.
Press the button to disable the crusher. (1, 306)
A snake will appear.
Quickly press the button again to crush the snake. (1, 307)
Get the dead snake before proceeding right.
Notice the whip next to the green switch, you will come back for it later.
Activate the green switch. (1, 308)
Talk to the archeologist, tell him about the engravings. (1, 309)
Find out about the blue mark and the mirror from the archeologist.
Return to the spot with the whip and grab it. (1, 310)
Return to the lift and go one floor down.
Use the lower left exit.
Use spring on wire next to the yellow switch. (1, 311)
Use tape on wire to repair it. (1, 312)
Activate the yellow switch. (1, 313)
Return to the lift and use the upper right exit.
Activate the yellow switch to turn on the vending machine. (1, 314)
Use your last coin on vending machine to reveal an opening. (1, 315)
Use the opening.
Get the yellow gem. (2, 317)
Now you have all four gems.
Return to the lift, and use the lower right exit.
Look at the blue mark so you can use the hatch on the right.
Use the hatch on the right to get a mirror. (2, 319)
Use the stairs twice.
Get the old jug. (1, 320)
Return to the surface to get some water, next to the coconut tree.
Press the escape key to skip walk animation whenever necessary.
Use jug to retrieve water. (1, 321)
Return to the room with three skeletons.
Use the skull on the skeleton in the middle. (1, 322)
Another exit will be revealed.
Go right twice to reach the lava pit.
Use stairs to ascend to the top of the lava pit.
Use whip on hook to get across the lava pit. (1, 323)
Get the pin which is lying on the floor. (1, 324)
Count the number of red dots on each sarcophagus.
The total number of red pixels on all sarcophagi is 17.
Use the pin on the holes, choose hole 17. (2, 326)
A ladder will be revealed.
Climb the ladder.
Use the crowbar on the loose stone floor. (2, 328)
Use the stairs to go one floor down.
Search native for a small piece of paper. (1, 329)
Free Bess.
Use crowbar on stone slab. (1, 330)
Use stone slab to reach the treasure room.
Look at the blue cup. (3, 333)
Use the exit to the left.
Look at the small piece of paper.
Printed on it are instructions on how to defeat the plant.
You need to make a long journey back to the starting point to get some water if you don't have any yet, just next to the coconut tree.
Use coconut on jug of water. (1, 334)
Use dead snake on jug. (1, 335)
Use jug on root. (1, 336)
Use the door on right, climb up the vine, then go left twice.
Use the stairs to go down, then go right.
Give mirror to Bess and you will grab the stone eye. (2, 338)
Both of you will be teleported back to the mansion.


Go left, then use the gems on each of the four sockets. (4, 342)
A door will magically appear.
Open the door and enter.
Use the fish on water. (2, 344)
Get the ticket. (2, 346)
Head for the room with the safe, then use the left door.
Ues foot, hand, fist, head and eye on stone figure. (5, 351)
A tunnel will be revealed. Use it.
Use plunger on ceiling. (2, 353)
Use rope on plunger. (2, 355)
Enter the dark room on the right to complete the game.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 10/06/2006 10:05:00 AM:  
This has to hace been the best adventure game ever...Thanks for humoring me for several days..Cant wait for more to come..@
Anonymous Anonymous said at 3/09/2007 12:44:00 PM:  
I expected a short game, but this is truly amazing. played it hours and hours for 3 days!!! It has everything an adventure game needs: good story, lots of inventory and humor. Thanks!
Please, continue making games like this!!!!
Anonymous Anonymous said at 4/12/2007 03:40:00 AM:  
This has got to be the best adventure game ever!
Anonymous Anonymous said at 5/22/2007 03:50:00 AM:  
This game is great its funny long interesting and difficult without being fustrating i love it 10/10 =D
Anonymous Anonymous said at 12/24/2007 01:16:00 PM:  
played it three times so far in the last two months...one of these days I'll get there with it all, but so far just 5 off. Great adventure...thanks for the fun!
Anonymous Anonymous said at 12/24/2007 01:56:00 PM:  
"Use door on right.
Get red wire. (1, 40)"

Wrong way - door is left. Also, the arcade machines is three rooms right after that instruction.