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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

"Recently posted on the invaluable Indygamer blog, a list of the Top 20 freeware adventure games from 2006, listing all kinds of interesting AGS and other-style adventure games from this fascinating niche community." (originally featured on GameSetWatch)


Indygamer's Top 20 Free Adventure Games as featured on Kotaku.


"The frankly awesome Indygamer has just listed its Top 10 shooter remakes for 2006, PC indie game stylee, cutely described as 'Ten of the best freeware remakes from last year which involve firing shots at foreign objects.'"

"The Indygamer weblog continues to do sterling work reviewing awesome PC indie titles..."

"The ever-reliable IndyGamer, which really does a good job of keeping up with the insanely busy indie games scene..."

"...our favorite TIGSource offshoot, the Indygamer blog, which was rating and linking to an insane amount of indie titles..."

"Tim W. is really showing how much indie content is out there (a LOT!)"

"To be honest, there are so many great free PC indie titles being released nowadays that we just can't keep up - we leave that to folks like the Independent Gaming..."

Darren Gladstone's 1UP Blog
Senior Editor, Games for Windows magazine

"Where's my next Katamari Damacy? Where's the next Defcon or Darwinia. Right now, they are hiding out on indie gaming sites like Indygamer.blogspot.com or tigsource.com. Hell, I spend more of my time these days playing free games and shareware than full-priced megabudget titles."

From 5 Things I Hate About Gaming

John Bardinelli (JayisGames editor)

"They (IG) supply an enormous amount of news and reviews in a quick, easy to digest format. No fluff, just info."

From the article, Top 5 Freeware and Indie Gaming Websites


"The Independent Gaming Blog... really good blog, I suggest you check it out" - Moshboy, Podcast Episode 1: Intro

Andrew Wooldridge Dot Com

"This site comes up short in the area of web design - but you'll never notice that because you will be busy reading the dozen or so posts a day the author makes. This is a no-nonsense independent gaming site that covers everything from Klick n Play games to Point-and-click Adventures to Shmups. Definitely a site to check obsessively every few hours to see what's going on in the indie gamer realm."

Permalink, My All Time Favorite Link Series No. 2