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Friday, February 02, 2007
"Se enemy is weaken" is a turn-based strategy game, where two factions, the GOOD GUYS and the BAD GUYS, fight each other. The objective always is to destroy an enemy building by placing a dynamite near it.


- 9 different units, each with a special ability.
- 4 different maps with detailed graphics
- build turrets and tankbarriers
- play hotseat on one computer or per Email
- easy to use interface
- extensive sounddesign and music.
- Easy to understand gameplay with a huge tactical possibilities.

"Se enemy is weaken" was created by Manuel Schmitt. The voice was recorded and spoken by Corpus Callosum .

"I wanted to make a game, playable per email and really easy to use. I like the idea of multiplayer games, which don't need a running server. With a PbEM-game (Play by E-Mail) you can enjoy a tactical wargame with your friends and play it when you have time to, any hour a day. Many of the Email-games out there, though, don't have a graphical interface, sometimes they only work with text. I wanted to create a PbEM-game with nice graphics and good sounds. And as I enjoy very much the freeware title ENEMY TERRITORY I decided to orient my gameplay to that game. It definitly has evolved to something of his own, but some elements are recognizable..."

The title gives a hint to the game "Enemy territory", where 'The enemy is weaken' is one of the available chat-macros. The 'S' instead of the 'th' is just a silly gag to make fun of the german accent. You can hear the chat macro when starting the game.

In future versions of the game the gameplay of enemy territory shall be adapted further: there shall be vehicles one team has to safely bring to their homebase, there will be the possibility to steal gold crates or something similiar and maybe you will be able to cunstruct bridges and destroy these...

Title: Se enemy is Weaken
Developer: Runtime Entertainment
Licence: Freeware
Size: 12MB
Blogger gnome said at 2/02/2007 06:36:00 AM:  
This is so utterly brilliant I think I love it... Perfect and proper turn-based gameplay...
Anonymous Anonymous said at 2/03/2007 12:26:00 PM:  
I tried to play the tutorial... This "Se enemy is Weaken" is repeating all the time like in old damaged gramophone... I really cant bear this.