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Saturday, June 23, 2007
New patches for Cave Story which replaces Quote with another character to play in the game were added to Efraim's site. [CSLJ entry]

Tomaz Kac (Army of Trolls, Head Over Heels) interviewed by Auld Games. Strangely he mentions a remake of StarQuake as well. Coincidence?

Game Maker developers now have two additional tools to add to their collection. The first is a source template by Ablach Blackrat which can be used to make one switch games, while the other is a Physics Game Level Editor made for the creation of physics-based games.

Petri Purho released a level pack for Crayon Physics which includes four new stages.

VSB Labs (a provider of essential technical and design services for indie developers) has announced a new payment option - royalties percentage. A good option for start-up developers creating their first project without sufficient funds to order high-quality content and also for experienced developers wanting to keep their game budget small.

wholook informs of a new gameplay video for Super Mogura Tennis posted on Krobon Station's site, which showcases the character selection screen and a feature called 'Kinetic Vision' (a nod to bullet time) [preview, Mogura 2 review]