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Monday, October 29, 2007

Roach Roundup is my first entry on the indie gaming scene. I challenged myself to make it in a month, and while I drew up a little short (missed the deadline by a day's work!), I did go back and finish it up about a week later.

The concept is simple, you play a dead butler who promised the nieces and nephews of his eccentric ward to stay with the old man until the geezer died. In a freak of fate, the butler died first, and so now he must care for the old man even from the afterlife. Pretty much the only thing he can do, though, is turn the lights on and off.

Use your mouse to turn the lights on and off, and chase the roaches into traps. The game is over if you cannot clear out all four rooms before daybreak, as the roaches will return the next evening.

Special thanks to Tim for letting me post this here!

Name: Roach Roundup
Developer: oranda
Category: Puzzle
Type: Windows/Linux Application
Direct Download (Windows): Download

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Anonymous Anonymous said at 10/29/2007 08:47:00 AM:  
A fun and interesting little game. No couches for my house!