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Sunday, December 23, 2007
RGCD is a downloadable CD-ROM based magazine containing retro reviews, features and developer interviews. Each issue of RGCD contains direct links (to files on disc) of each game, emulator or tool reviewed irrespective of platform.

Previews of each issue are available at www.rgcd.co.uk, but in order to actually read the rest of the articles and reviews you'll need to download the .ISO image and either burn it to disc or mount it on a virtual drive. There is also a cut-down 'lite' version (excluding all games and emulators) provided as a downloadable .ZIP archive.

RGCD is 100% spyware free and all files are virus checked before uploading. Magazine contents are posted in the comments section.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 12/24/2007 01:20:00 AM:  
Cheers Tim :)

The contents (for those interested) are:

Featured Game:
Transcendence (PC)

Retro Reviews
Betiled! (ZX Spectrum)
Crownland (Atari XE/XL)
Eckn (Atari XE/XL)
Electrek (Amiga)
Get It (C=Plus/4)
Iwanaga (PC)
Jetboy (Atari XE/XL)
Jet Set Willy 2007 (Atari XE/XL)
Magical Drop (Amstrad CPC)
Mr. Mole (MSX)
Paradise/RGCD Christmas Double Pack (GBA)
Patrol Falcon (PC)
Pen-Pen Xmas Olympics (PC)
Quantum Gardening (ZX Spectrum)
Racked Off (C64)
Redrunner (C64)
Shoot 'Em (PC)
Sokoban (ZX Spectrum)
Star Sabre (Amstrad CPC)
Tongueman's Logic (NEC TurboGrafx/PC Engine)
Varia (PC)
Wizball (PC)
Yoomp! (Atari XE/XL)

Balloonacy Preview (Amstrad CPC)
Battleships Forever Preview (PC)
Christmas Cracker (ZX Spectrum)
Homebrew Retrospective (PC)
Honeyblaster Preview (PC)
Llamasoft: The Dromedary Years (Part Two) (Misc)
Mario Bros. 2007 (Atari XE/XL)
Midnight MU (PC/Mac)
Super Pumpkin Bros Preview (Amiga AGA)
T.M.R's 2600 Rant (Atari 2600)
Weekend Gamer Audio eXtra (Misc)

(Note to developers: See your game listed above? Well, if so you'll be hearing from me after Christmas so I can arrange to send you a free CD copy).
Anonymous Anonymous said at 12/24/2007 01:59:00 AM:  
Note that the current-issue page on the website royally fucks up when displayed in I.E.6.

It's fine in I.E.7 though.

I've identified the problem and fixed it at work, but won't be able to re-upload the file until I get back from work tonight.


You can still view the page, but the right hand side bar has decided to migrate to the bottom of the page (the text wrapping in the list doesn't work properly in I.E.6, so it nudges the bar over the width limit).
Anonymous Anonymous said at 12/25/2007 03:02:00 AM:  
What game is this screenshot from?