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Monday, August 07, 2006
NemesisThe Retro Remakes Competition began on June 1st and ends on Aug 31st. Some competition entries are near completion, and I will highlight a few that caught my eye.

From Ovine by Design is a Nemesis remake, a shmup by originally developed by Konami. Progress: 30 percent complete. [screenshot]

Kryten's Chronos remake is nearly done. Expect this shooter to drop soon.

X-Out (Prototype) is working on a Xain D' Sleena remake. Progress: nearly done.

Pug Fugly (Super Blazing Vortex) is 70 percent done with The Pyramid remake. [Project Microlife, Ambush in Sector 9, Revenge of the Robot Cat from Mars review]

Who you gonna call?KNPMASTER (Cave Jumper) is working on a Shufflepuck Bar 3 remake. Progress: 30 percent complete.

danjo is 80 percent done with the Ladybug remake.

The H.E.R.O. remake by smila is half done.

Endurion is 80 percent done with the Kronos Rift remake.

The Alley Cat remake by rocko is half done.

Saving the best for last: The Ghostbusters remake is done.

Click here for a complete list of competition entries. Expect to play all the above games at the end of this month.

I know I missed a few good ones, will probably do a part two when Blogger is working properly. Cheers.