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Thursday, October 19, 2006
Two of the best turn-based strategy games involving squad and resource management, X-COM: UFO Defense and Terror from the Deep downloads have been patched to run without problems on any modern rig.

Shoot down enemy UFOs, trap your enemies and salvage their technology to improve your own. Night missions tend to be extremely suspenseful, especially when your team is whittled down to it's last few members in an area packed with aliens.

Many sleepless nights were blamed on this series. The first episode requires a little configuration since it's map scroll speed is set to maximum.

Name: X-COM: UFO Defense
Developer: Microprose
Category: Strategy
Type: Demo
Size: 5MB
Blogger gnome said at 10/21/2006 04:09:00 AM:  
At last! The best strategy game to ever (ever) grace the PC now playable in XP! Amzing! Thanks a ton Tim!