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Monday, April 23, 2007
Trial and Ranking are two new additions to Guxt v. (previously unavailable for selection). Both options are only accessible after completing the game once, but here's a cleared.bin file which can be unzipped in the temp_guxt folder (automatically created after running the game once) to unlock the new extras.

Some noticeable differences:
- the color of enemy bullets changed from red to orange.
- you only get one ship for Trial mode, but your score will be saved in the Rankings section.
- the major difference between the normal and Trial mode is the inclusion of a final boss battle, pictured right.

Click here to download a replay file for Trial mode. Drag and drop the play-record file into a running Guxt window to watch the replay.

A post from Pixel's BBS as translated by Shih Tzu: 'It looks like I'll be able to get version 1 out by the end of the month. Things are looking good.' [LJ post, more entries about Guxt]