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Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Mountain of Faith is the latest vertical shooter from ZUN, featuring two playable characters and three stages with customary difficult boss fights, the hallmark of Team Shanghai Alice's releases.

Hold the Z key to shoot, or press the X key for a special attack. Use this move sparingly since it destroys one of your options and downgrades your weapon by one level. The pause menu is accessible by pressing the escape key.

When holding the shift key to activate focus mode, items which are close to your character will be collected automatically. All power-ups on screen can also be collected in a dangerous manner by crossing the item get border line, which is displayed at the start of stage one.

The control key can be used to skip cutscenes. When fighting a boss, a position marker shows up on the bottom margin of the screen, indicating where the boss is on the horizontal axis.

d3dx9_31.dll should be placed in the same folder as the unpacked game files.

The full version will be released during Comiket this August. [from the shmups forums]

Name: Mountain of Faith
Developer: ZUN
Category: Shooter
Type: Demo
Size: 150MB