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Saturday, August 18, 2007
Nigoro's new game

Details about Nigoro's upcoming release (pictured above) posted. [rough translation]

Eyezmaze's Tontie gets a new unlimited mode.

Minion's Phoenix remake updated.

Cave Story gets an XBox port.

A new issue of GameShark's The Indies posted.

The review archives was recently updated, though half of the new addition consists of crummy games as usual.

From Andrew's site:

"If you are working in flash and have a desire to learn things like gravity, 3-d rotation etc. you'll find a goldmine of information here."
Anonymous Anonymous said at 8/18/2007 03:40:00 PM:  
I wouldn't call alot of those latest games crummy. Ur-Quan Masters is really good in its genre - albeit very tough, too -, Stranded 2, Joe Gunn, Tale of Two Kingdoms... they're all top games ;) They're great additions to the archive.
Blogger Unknown said at 8/18/2007 09:35:00 PM:  
Hey, when will Project W be mentioned?
It's a rather complex turn based strategy. And nice looking too!
Blogger Tim said at 8/19/2007 03:14:00 AM:  
If you supply the review, I'll post it on the front page. :)
Blogger Unknown said at 8/19/2007 04:36:00 AM:  
I'm a bit short on time right now :)

But I can also point my finger at Quantum Minigolf
Never before have quantum physics been such fun...
Blogger Tim said at 8/19/2007 04:46:00 AM:  
I'll look into it. Thanks for the recommendations! :)