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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Serious Sam-I-Am is a scrolling action game in the style of Metal Slug, developed by The Podunkian for a recent competition. Use the W, A, S and D keys for movement. Tap the space key to jump. Press the left or right mouse button to shoot and snipe.

Don't miss the intro as the included level is only a few screens long.

Name: Serious Sam-I-Am
Developer: The Podunkian
Category: Action
Type: Freeware
Size: 5MB


Anonymous Anonymous said at 9/02/2007 02:19:00 AM:  
Can you post the link to the competition, i forgot it !
Anonymous Anonymous said at 9/02/2007 02:28:00 AM:  
LOL, it's so funny the Dr. Seuss spoof, the Zero Wing spoof, and the Serious Sam spoof, but the funnyest is the sounds of the charatcres like the guys without head in Serious Sam !!!
Anonymous Anonymous said at 9/02/2007 06:23:00 AM:  
Yaaaaaaaaaa! Boom! LOL I really liked this! Fun intro and nice graphics! Thanks for the warning about the shortness of the demo though. I'd have been seriously disappointed if I hadn't known about it beforehand.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 9/02/2007 09:11:00 AM:  
This is nice and all, but what is the author doing working on this while the Underside remains unfinished? ;)