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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Halloween House is a game made by Magnus Nilsson for a Halloween game competition. Use the shift key to access your inventory, and press the control key to interact with objects. The game can be saved by accessing the computer in Michael's room.

Name: Halloween House
Developer: Magnus Nilsson
Category: Adventure
Type: Freeware
Size: 5MB
Direct download link: Click here
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/25/2007 11:01:00 AM:  
Thanks for posting!
Though I guess noone cares about playing games when they can argue on teh internet instead ;)

But you should really give it a go guys. It's a fun way to spend 15 minutes. Promise.
Blogger Tim said at 11/25/2007 12:38:00 PM:  
yeah, originally I just wanted to post interviews all month because of that reason alone, but then someone has to write about the good games. :)
Blogger konjak said at 11/25/2007 01:21:00 PM:  
H... he won't stop watching me!!
Blogger konjak said at 11/25/2007 01:41:00 PM:  
That was fun and cute!
Blogger Unknown said at 11/25/2007 01:47:00 PM:  
cute game! i enjoyed all the little details you put in there.