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Thursday, November 10, 2005
Tank-o-Box is actually a remake of a very old arcade tank battle game. You only need five keys to play this update, since the tank's movement is limited to four directions (must be the tracks). Of course, simplifying tank controls actually makes the game much more accessible and fun.

You start off each level on a field that is often heavily populated by enemy tanks, and to put it quite simply your task is to eliminate all of them. Position your tank in the right direction and fire away, while avoiding enemy fire at the same time.

The game's 3D graphics are excellent. Tanks blow up satisfyingly, the screen shudders with every explosion, and some of the objects in the environment are destructible as well. Destroying certain enemy tanks will yield collectibles, which can be picked up to give your own vehicle a mobility or firepower upgrade.

Two gameplay modes can be selected from the main menu. Arcade Mode features fifty-five mission-based levels, while Extra Mode sets you loose on the battlefield to dish out more mayhem while maintaining your tank in one piece. There's also the added value of cooperative two-player mode.

Name: Tank-o-Box
Developer: Exclusive Games
Category: Action
Type: Demo
Size: 5MB