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Monday, October 16, 2006
Captain Binary is a decent action game that attempts to emulate the Metal Slug series and Alien Hominid. Consisting of three short levels, one hit is all that your muscled hero can take although there's plenty of lives and credits to use.

Weapon upgrades can be collected to increase your firepower. Does not include gamepad support or difficulty setting.

Name: Captain Binary
Developer: Twin Bottles
Category: Action
Type: Freeware
Size: 50MB
Anonymous Anonymous said at 10/15/2006 09:55:00 PM:  
Absolutely gorgeous game, but sooo frustrating and difficult! Dodging bullets is just waaay too hard imho.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 10/15/2006 10:03:00 PM:  
Looks good, nice find. Will have to try this out "at work" ;)
Anonymous Anonymous said at 10/16/2006 02:40:00 PM:  
"We liked Alien Hominid *so* much we even reproduced The Behemoths mistakes and made them an eensy bit worse"

*sigh me do*

Thats progress in action, that is.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 10/16/2006 03:03:00 PM:  
Hmm, this was ok. Wasn't keen on the graphics style much, and it still don't compare to classic platform shooters of the past. Wasn't a fan of Alien Hominid either.

Anyways, was fun for a bit but soon deleted it.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 10/16/2006 04:53:00 PM:  
Its odd because the GBA version of Alien Hominid *almost* got it spot on. The original was just a gnats hair away from being right but was so curiously unbalanced to be near unplayable once you'd gotten over how cool and stylish it was and most of the problems got fixed in the GBA version.

Metal Slug still stands as an ace template to build a game from (IMO, of course) but if you're going to steal from the best - surely you steal the best bits, which to me (wonderful graphics aside) is how finely honed the difficulty levels are. (Before they got lazy in some of the sequels and made a hash of them).

Captain Binary seems to have picked out the worse bits and has taken the shell of the game without any thought as to actually balancing the play. After getting bumtazored repeatedly by some flying things I just switched it off.

Potentials there, just needs some serious tweaking and it'd be a bit special. As it is, mnnneeeeurgh.
Blogger Dan said at 10/17/2006 06:38:00 AM:  
Fun game. Pretty easy too. ;)
Anonymous Anonymous said at 10/17/2006 08:03:00 AM:  
Bob, I have to agree with you...Supremely glossy, but woefully unbalanced :( A real shame.