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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Doctor Who and The Daleks is a remake of and loving tribute to the classic console game Daleks. The game begins with the Doctor materialised on the surface of Skaro, homeworld of the terrifying Daleks. You control the Doctor, moving him with the number pad or the keyboard. Pressing S or five on the numpad is considered a pass move, where the Doctor stands still and the Daleks move.

Every time the Doctor moves, the Daleks move closer as well. However, the Dalek troops aren't quite as smart as the Doctor. In their bloodlust they will collide with each other, leaving behind a pile of radioactive debris which other Daleks may collide with as well. So you'll want to make your moves carefully and try to lure the Daleks into each other.

You are aided in your struggle by the Tardis, the Doctor's travelling machine through time and space. You can use the Tardis to instantly transport yourself to another place on the battlefield. Unfortunately, the Tardis is still an unpredictable beast, so you can't control where you'll appear. A teleportation counts as a regular move, so if you land next to a Dalek, bad luck there.

Use the function keys to change the size of the game.

Name: Doctor Who and The Daleks
Developer: Dream Codex
Category: Puzzle
Type: Freeware
Size: 1MB