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Tuesday, January 09, 2007
Reviewed by Maenny (www.runtime-hq.com)

Warzone is a now free 3dimensional RTS game in a dark and gloomy postapokalyptic setting. It's superiour gameplay is the reason for a fanatic community who further enhances the game by re-working the code and creating new content for the game. It is fully playable in multiplayer and in singleplayer.

The gameplay is well done and as a mediocre strategy-game player you will find yourself at home with the commands. An interesting feature is the possibilitiy to actually "design" your units - that is, in your researchlab you can research different parts of vehicles, which afterwards can be combined to a unit, be it a tank-like vehicle or a repair-robot. Every design you have already created can be updated with later researched technology.

Warzone 2100 was the first RTS-game in 3D being released under the GPL-License. Published in 1999, it now has a strong community who improve the code, add features and design mods for the game. I like the feeling of the game and although the resolution is at maximum in 640x480, the dark postapokalyptic atmosphere is nicely established.
A big plus indeed is the active community which doesn't stop to work on the game. So there is reason to hope that the visuals and the gameplay will further be enhanced and new mods will keep the game alive.
Take care which version you download, because there are quite a number of different releases being destributed.

Read the entire review at www.runtime-hq.com

Name: Warzone 2100
Category: Real Time Strategy
Type: Freeware
Size: 21 MB


Blogger gnome said at 1/09/2007 10:34:00 AM:  
Wow! I remeber this one when it came out... Got really good reviews, and now it's better and freeware. Great! Love the review too!
Blogger Kreuvf said at 4/09/2007 01:12:00 PM:  
English users may want to visit The Warzone Resurrection Project for further information, German users may want to visit the oldest German WZ-page.

I think those two fit more as "homepage" for this great game than that of the worldforceclan. :)