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Friday, February 02, 2007

Another AGS adventure game abandoned by buloght. [warning: image heavy thread; buloght's past projects]

Explanation by buloght - A project set in Transylvania ... I had about 12/24 rooms pixelled and all of them sketched, story, design and puzzles 100% finished.

Sam and Max Episode 3 walkthrough posted over at Gnome's Lair.

New FTG art posted. [The White Chamber: International Edition]

Some very interesting homemade box arts made for Spooks, Heartland Deluxe and Ben Jordan. [Spooks, Heartland Deluxe, Ben Jordan Case 1 Deluxe review]


New site for Clean Asia opens. [Clean Asia review, past projects by cactus]

Excellent Bifurcation updated with an additional level, music and sound effects. [Excellent Bifurcation review]

Pixel's desktop page updated with an image of several enemy ships from his upcoming vertical shooter.

Orange-Juice (Suguri) is currently working on a new vertical shooter entitled Junpyon. [scroll down to view screenshots]

No miss gameplay video from Marvellous Twilight posted.
Blogger Mochi said at 2/03/2007 04:35:00 AM:  
Hi there!
I'm hanging around here since a while and never posted any comment.
So I do, now. :)
Thanks for collecting thoses informations, thanks for your passion and patience.
Keep on goin'!

Blogger Tim said at 2/03/2007 06:44:00 AM:  
thanks for dropping by. ;)

hope you're enjoying the games! :D
Blogger gnome said at 2/03/2007 06:55:00 AM:  
Wow, the abandonded game does look so much like a cartoony version of Monkey Island 1, I almost had a seizure...