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Sunday, March 25, 2007
More Curly Brace fan art... [Pondwater's web site, past projects, desktop wallpaper by Kyle T.]

Kaptain Brawe was recently picked up by a publisher and will be released as a full game. [Kaptain Brawe review]

Escort Wing 2 announced. [Escort Wing review]

Arsecast 007 is out.

Charlie's next project will be a vertical shooter with an underwater theme. [Bullet Candy web site]

Here's a video from Trigger Heart Exelica, a recent Dreamcast release.

"The game involves playing one of two anthropomorphic fighters to battle against five stages of enemy ships. Players can fire anchors to catch enemy ships, then use the caught unit as a shield or throw it to inflict more damage." [Trigger Heart Exelica front cover, back cover]

A collection of gameplay videos from Karous (Hard Mode) can be found at the Shmups Forum.

The playable demo for Die Feen should be out on the 31st of March.

mentisworks is currently developing a new game.

Veck 2 will be out next week. [latest post on smayds.com]

DROD: The City Beneath is set for a release next month.