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Friday, June 15, 2007
Image of a boss from Ether Vapor posted; perhaps one made for this encounter. [Ether Vapor review]

New metablog update; Joakim's start page has a new image.

There's a playable Cave Story interface made specifically for an upcoming fan work.

La Croix Pan gets a new update which speeds up the main character's movement. [La Croix Pan review]

Stompy, both blokes from Ovine by Design and Graham were recently interviewed by Auld Games.

Seems like Krobon Station is serious about their upcoming tennis arcade game. [preview, Mogura 2 review]

Alonso Martin is looking for beta testers for his new platformer, Heart Forth, Alicia.

[pictured left to right, Krobon Station's tennis game, screenshot from Heart Forth, Alicia]
Blogger Rey O said at 6/14/2007 01:50:00 PM:  
that cave story comic looks pretty rad. the interface is fun too.