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Sunday, July 22, 2007
GarageGames, GreatGamesExperiment and www.mygmgame.com are sponsoring the first Game Development Competition, which will run for a duration of two months starting from July 18th until September 18th 2007. The Grand Prize Winner will receive the entire Torque Suite, while winners from each category will receive a Torque Game Engine license from Garagegames. A list of all prizes are listed here.

Contest rules are stated in this forum thread. All games should have some sort of comedic element to qualify.

The theme is a rather iffy one, as I remember that Ginger Monkey Games ran a similar competition in the past but produced disappointing results. No idea if one of the judges is the person who ran the defunct site linked in that post or not. Destined for success, or doomed to failure?

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