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Monday, August 06, 2007
Another Room is another escape game by Mofuya, one of many in a crowded genre of puzzlers.

Walkthrough under comments.

Name: Another Room
Developer: Mofuya
Category: Puzzle
Type: Browser


Anonymous Anonymous said at 8/07/2007 07:00:00 AM:  
1. Turn left, get the pink cat figurine.
2. Open the left shelf and get the log.
3. Open the right shelf and get the power cord.
4. Click to the lower right of the shelving unit and get the can of oil.
5. Go left. Click under the newspaper to get matches.
6. Click the cabinet where the wineglass is to get the paintbrush.
7. Go left twice and click under the hat to get the coin.
8. Go right twice back to the white chair. Go to the panel behind the chair.
9. Use the coin to open the lock, get the axe.
10. Use the axe on the logs to make blocks.
11. Put the blocks in the fireplace.
12. Use the coin on the oil can to open it.
13. Use oil on blocks in the fireplace.
14. Use matches on the blocks to start the fire.
15. Click left twice to the desk.
16. Search the trashcan to get the clip.
17. Click on the clip to straighten it out.
18. Go back to the door with the bars. Open the panel and use the clip on the reset hole.
19. Go back to the fireplace, open the clock and get the key.
20. Use the key on the box on the shelf to get the cell phone.
21. Click on the screen of the phone to get the color code. Input that color code in the panel.
22. Go back to the white chair. Use the brush in the cup.
23. Go to the easel with the board. Use the brush on the board to reveal the 1st code.
24. Use the phone. There should be mail on the phone to get the login for the laptop.
24. Go back to the desk, use the power cord on the laptop. Press the power button on the laptop. You should now see the screen with boxes.
25. USe the 1st code from the board.
26. The bars on the door should open.
27. Go back to the easel and get the 2nd code.
28. Enter the code in the laptop. The laptop will open to get the chip.
29. Get the chip and combine the chip with the pink cat figurine.
30. Return to the main door. Use the axe on the glass to smash it.
31. Enter the opening.
32. Put the cat on the "biohazard" stand.