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Monday, October 29, 2007

Elebest is a decent Diner Dash clone by Square Enix, in which tables are replaced with elevators and kitchens substituted with buildings. The aim of the game is to place people into elevators and sending them to the floors they wish to arrive at, usually indicated by the color of their clothes. A time limit is shown on the top left of the screen, and players should avoid having a crowded lobby or the game will end.

Certain stations such as a cafe can be used to temporary clear the lobby a little. Bonus points are awarded when more than one passenger arrives on each floor, achieved by grouping a number of them dressed in similar colors into the same elevator. Watch out for men dressed in black, because they do not mix with the crowd and prefers riding the elevator alone if possible.

Six stages in total.

Name: Elebest
Developer: Square Enix
Category: Puzzle
Type: Browser

- how to access Elebest from the Kore Domino game page
- download video, right click to save