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Saturday, November 03, 2007

In DarkSide, players take on the role of a pilot hopping from one colony to another while attempting to complete a variety of mission objectives.

Use the left mouse button to shoot, and hold the right mouse button to jet around the landscape. Tap the middle mouse button to activate your smart bomb. Keep an eye on the radar as it can prove to be extremely useful when trying to figure out an enemy's position.

DarkSide is developed by George, the one man development team behind Pi Eye Games.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/03/2007 03:28:00 PM:  
+Nice graphics
+Great framerate
+Healthy amount of powerups
+Fast and all-round pretty fun

-/+Asteroids on steroids
-/+One handed gameplay feels awkward

-We don't care much for points, don't make it a tangible powerup
-Can be pretty repetitive, even though there's 3 different mission types
-$5? Maybe. $20? No thanks.

Its worth a shot as a demo, and its pretty fun for a bit.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/03/2007 03:50:00 PM:  
Really nice visuals but the spheres/ moons are way too small for some fancy flying tactics like in most arena shooters. It's also very easy on normal in the arcade mode. If this would have the gameplay of "Echoes" I'd buy it right away...
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/03/2007 07:16:00 PM:  
Well I can't say I'd be able to review five games a day. You're doing fine with updates, Tim.
Blogger Dominic Tarason said at 11/03/2007 07:19:00 PM:  
Seems like a nice enough game, but certainly not $20-nice. Also, weapon balance is completely shot to hell. Once you get the laser, you can win a lot of stages by simply not firing, getting up to an asteroid, tapping fire a couple of times and watching as it vapourizes at the cost of almost no ammo.
Blogger jph wacheski said at 11/05/2007 06:05:00 AM:  
Beautiful game! What engine is it useing?? Everything looks great sooooo many details, the textures, the models, the lighting, and effects,. wonderfull. the game play is good but a little simple, I suppse that is meant to appeal to the 'casual' market and perhaps it will. Gamepad support would be nice,. the sound is also awsome,. It did however crash on me,. fighting the first boss the spidercrab thing,. perhaps just as I defeted it,. just self ended screen went black.
What's it worth? Well that is very subjective, I see people selling inferior games for $20 and doing well,. so I'm sure some will pay,. and with the free game offer it looks like good value to me.