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Thursday, November 29, 2007
Have the guys at Digital Eel gone bonkers? First they offer Plasmaworm for free, now they're giving away both Big Box of Blox and Dr. Blob's Organism away - for nothing!

Dr. Blob's Organism was an IGF 2004 winner of both innovation in audio and visual art categories. Mac versions for these two games are also available.

I was sort of expecting the games to open Digital Eel's web site when exiting, but nothing of that sort happened.

- Digital Eel announcement
- Plasmaworm
- Big Box of Blox
- Dr. Blob's Organism
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/29/2007 08:18:00 AM:  
Nothing moves without you to know it.. eh? lol

gj tim.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/29/2007 10:56:00 AM:  
That Plasmaworms gaphical effects really got ya trippin'. But I think they could work out the colors a little bit, they are just so greyed out...
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/29/2007 04:26:00 PM:  
Hmm...i think i'll download these games.