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Thursday, November 01, 2007
I came across a nifty little game today while visiting The Underside Blog - it's a platform RPG hybrid called Final Vision. It seems to be fairly light on plot elements, but the rest isn't bad - the graphics and music are good and the gameplay is pretty solid. The gist of it is that you're the King in a small Kingdom surrounded by rebels trying to kill you. Near the start of the game you can choose from a standard Final Fantasy inspired job class and from then on you set off wandering about looking for rebels to dispatch.

It's always nice to see RPG elements mixed into other genres - this in particular is a combination that works really well.

Name: Final Vision
Developer: Alspal
Category: Platform RPG
Type: Freeware
Size: 11.7 MB
Download link: Click here

[Source: The Underside Blog]
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/01/2007 12:49:00 PM:  
Looks intriguing. I'll give it a spin in a bit.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/01/2007 01:24:00 PM:  
Okay...I've already found a lot of things that bug me with this game. The storyline is "Oh hey have some weapons there are evil barbarians who want to kill you so kill them first". For an RPG, the plot setup is unbearably weak.

Another minor annoyance is when its time to select a class, its just "Here pick one of four (Fighter, Redmage, Summoner, Dragoon) classes". I chose Dragoon, but what makes it any different from a Fighter? I walk, jump, and hit the attack button. Telling me class specifics would be nice.

Also the blood. With the charming atmosphere, it doesn't fit in at all. And there's too many cameos. It tries to hard to be Final Fantasy. And fighting is kinda clunky.

But aside from all that, its still something you should probably try anyway.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/01/2007 01:47:00 PM:  
Yeah, I felt the same way myself. There's good stuff here, but it's also got some serious weaknesses.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/01/2007 02:39:00 PM:  
Thanks for the mention :)
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/01/2007 02:53:00 PM:  
I like how this game looks, and from the few minutes of it that I played, I really liked the gameplay -- kind of a GBA Castlevania sort of feel, which is my favorite kind of game. Unfortunately, despite the oldschool-styled graphics, it runs veeeery sloooowly on my ancient computer. :(
Blogger Unknown said at 11/01/2007 03:05:00 PM:  
info about classes/etc are in the readme! and i thought the blood added a nice bit of dynamic-ism.

if you could jump+attack like in castlevania, this would be terrific, but with the way it is it seems like the only way to avoid being killed is to cheap-ass.

the interface is also majorly annoying if you don't like using "up" to jump, since the menus become quite awkward to use.

still, the graphical style is awesome. i just wish the platforming was a bit smoother/faster.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/01/2007 04:12:00 PM:  

The final boss was the biggest disappointment I've ever seen.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/01/2007 04:14:00 PM:  
Not all that nice that an enemy doesn't get blown back or so, but just keeps walking when hit. It means you inevitably get hit if you hit an enemy (even when they're walking in the opposite direction, due to the tiny distance you have to keep to attack, anyways)
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/01/2007 05:05:00 PM:  
Btw, when you meet Frodo, talking to him from the left makes him changes appearance. It's been good entertainment so far (although I've been grinding a bit too much, as I've been trying to reach the top equipment before the first boss. Two hits and he was down due to that =X) A description of what each spell does would be nice, though.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/01/2007 05:10:00 PM:  
WOAH! It's over already O_O Five hits for that final boss. He couldn't get one hit on me O_O Ehehehe, it must be even shorter without the grinding for money =D
Blogger gnome said at 11/02/2007 07:49:00 AM:  
Great find and a fine homage to the early Paper Mario RPGs.
Blogger Unknown said at 11/02/2007 09:57:00 AM:  
Jump+attack is possible if you pick dragoon class.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/02/2007 10:21:00 AM:  
Anybody found a way to get past that pillar in the "training area"?
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/02/2007 10:53:00 AM:  
Uhm, is it possible to fight without losing health on any strike with ones sword? This is depressing :(
Blogger Jcsworld said at 11/02/2007 11:08:00 PM:  
Simple but short fun.

Unfortunately, there is apparently no way to get past the pillar, it's just a tease.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/10/2007 02:10:00 AM:  
anyone else having trouble getting the airship platform to come down? seems stuck to me.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/11/2007 08:44:00 AM:  
Wow, this is pretty fun. Story's pretty bad (read: cliche'd), but I love melding RPG elements with platforming. Fighting is a bit spotty though, pretty much "Hit, run, hit", but there is some depth, like the magic system. I love how you can choose classes (It's in the Please read me, btw), gives the game more longevity.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/12/2007 01:13:00 AM:  
is there any key to turn on/off music ?
my version dont play the musics :(
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/12/2007 01:32:00 AM:  
i found ctrl+M & ctrl+S
but still no music :(
give some help plz
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/19/2007 07:41:00 PM:  
I chose no class, then got the ultima weapon (ragnorok) and two shotted the last boss, with enough hi-potions left to make an IV and feed myself for an eternity.