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Thursday, November 29, 2007

dong (Soup ver 0.9) has posted a new chiptune album for download, although only one tune is notable (06 - Theme of Star Soldier remix). The included tracks are nowhere as enjoyable to listen as Gone Square and Go Square, also available from the same page.

Julian Winter had also made the entire Haluz 2 soundtrack available as a free download. This collection of thirteen songs took Julian an entire year to compose, and showcases the musician's knack for ambient and soothing music. The album was originally sold at a price of USD $6.

Alec Holowka has released a track from his side project Célu in MP3 format, though the actual game itself will only be made available to the general public sometime in 2008. A lot of tracks in Aquaria have a similar vibe, so you can get a feel of Bit Blot's debut release just by listening to this song alone.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/30/2007 01:17:00 PM:  
"although only one tune is notable (06 - Theme of Star Soldier remix)."

That was incredibly douche-baggy.