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Monday, November 05, 2007

Driving in the middle of nowhere, a group of friends run over an old man. The resulting chaos (or not) is a multi sided Flash game called Move or Die, masking it's complexity behind two facades. One is a convincingly scripted and acted movie, the other an emotional intelligence test.

On a practical level, you are asked to decide what the best course of action is, depending on the situation, and then persuade those who disagree to follow suit. The options open to you are presented clearly, and the responses of the game's characters never break your suspension of disbelief. If your judgment is off, you will eventually reach a lesser ending, quickly remedied by the scene rewind save system. [review by bigbossSNK]
Blogger gnome said at 11/05/2007 03:10:00 AM:  
Very, very interesting and sporting some particularly stylish visuals too. Great find!
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/05/2007 03:15:00 AM:  
God, the writing's awful.
Blogger Dylan Platt said at 11/05/2007 04:48:00 AM:  
Interesting game, but I guess I suck because we got hit by a bus. Anybody got the best ending yet?
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/05/2007 10:22:00 AM:  
I finally finished it - it's quite frustrating... There seems to only be one course of action you can take and it's not intuitive at all. You just need to keep trying different things until you get the right answer.

I like it, though :) And the voice acting is pretty good apart from that Hollywood Irish policeman.

Here's the solution I used, if anyone else is stuck. Spoilers, obviously :)

First Scene:
1: "Use the old man's cellphone..."
2: "Tell her to express moral outrage..."
3: "Advise her to inquire off Syd whether he intends to tell the police..."
4: "Tell her to call the police and ask them..."

Next Scene:
1: "Drive off with the body..."
2: "Tell him you sympatize with his situation but..."
3: "Tell him you're with him all the way..."
4: "Advise him to remind her that the plan was to rescue Carla..."

Next Scene:
1: "Suggest you do the talking..."
2: "Given his current state..."
3: "Act surprised and say..."
4: "Tell him you couldn't find any ID..."

Next Scene:
1: "Agree to conduct the negotiation if they agree to call the police right now."
2: "Tell her you've brought the corpse..."
3: "...and some money."
4: "$10,000"
5: "Ask her if she would be prepared to take a lesser amount."
6: "Ask her the details of Carla's debt repayment plan."
7: "Ask her if she considered herself to be a principled person."
8: "...independent evaluation..."
9: "...pain of a broken heart..."
10: "...completing the last journey of her grandfather..."
11: "Remind her that you reached an agreement..."
12: "Ask Mrs. Grimm whether under the circumstances you could keep the money."
13: "blah blah blah... grasping."
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/05/2007 11:40:00 AM:  
As usual, this is another game that suffers from the plot-based/adventure game issue of strict linearity. There is only one correct course of action to reach a satisfactory ending, and though it's fairly obvious the author put effort in it, it's still counter-intuitive most of the time, and it becomes nothing more than a grind to try all answers. Which I simply gave up on and went straight to the last scene. A good effort, but still not very successful.
Blogger KorgDS000 said at 11/05/2007 01:51:00 PM:  
I'm sick of picking an option and arguing with the wrong person, or having the game completely ignore the stance I took. For example, you can pick ditch the cash and ditch the body but you end up arguing with the lady to take the cash and run.
Blogger BigBossSNK said at 11/06/2007 05:16:00 AM:  
The gameplay is based on game theory.
The girl is the proponent of morals, the guy the proponent of money. If your choice is to get neither the money nor moral validation, NOBODY will side with you and they'll follow their own agendas.
Try some of Zapdramatic's other games - negotiation edumentaries, for more concentrated fun.