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Friday, November 02, 2007

Guardian of Paradise: Buster teases again with another screenshot. [web site]


OokiBloks: Studio Work3's Matt Verran and Brian Flanagan interviewed by Gamasutra.

Death Worm: JTR interviewed by CWF. [source: PlanetFreeplay]

Game Maker

Varia: Kairos has made plans to develop a multiplayer RTS game next. [web site]

Paper Flight: Ablach Blackrat is currently working on a paper plane game. [Mark's Glog]


IGF: Tale of Tales examines a number of IGF entries in one of their new articles, while Joe Martin of bit-tech.net does a round-up on the same subject.

The Indies: The latest issue of GameShark's The Indies is up. Guess OokiBloks is the talk of the town.


World of Goo: Kyle Gabler of 2D Boy is seeking eccentric musicians to contribute tracks for their latest game.

Flower: According to a forum posting, the current issue of Game Informer contains details about how thatgamecompany's PS3 release will play.

Free Lunch Design: The author of Icy Tower is considering the possibility of developing online games. [blog]

Exile: Ovine by Design's Exile remake is due out on the 11th of November 2007.

Shmup-Dev Results: Shmup-Dev Options 2k7 results posted.
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It ain't CoD. It's Rat Cave. (Placeholder name.)