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Monday, March 06, 2006
The Kutar's Tabipero is a collection of four mini-games from Giga-Rensya which can be played in any order. Starting from the top of the world map in a counterclockwise direction, we have a game set in Egypt. The objective here is to dig for treasure by left clicking on any of the nine spots while avoiding the guards. To move the cat around just right click on any of the spots.

Next we have a racing game, where the vehicle you're riding is in perpetual motion and must not hit any object. Left or right click to move your vehicle to either direction.

The third mini-game is pretty fun, as some quick thinking is required to balance the leaning tower. Cats will fall from the sky and hang on poles protruding from each side of the building. The objective is to get an equal number of your colleagues on both ends, which is achieved by hitting the balcony with either mouse button to issue the felines a signal.

Lastly we have a game that plays like a simpler version of Beatmania. Mountains scroll from left to right and it's up to you to click on the appropriate mouse button depending on a mountain's height when it appears in your sight. Right click for tall mountains and left click for shorter ones.

Name: Kutar Tabipero
Developer: Giga-Rensya
Category: Action
Type: Freeware
Size: 5MB