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Sunday, March 05, 2006
Pixel of Cave Story fame is currently developing a shooter.

The soundtrack is available from the same page.

A Mac version of Monster Fair is is now available. [Monster Fair review]

Soul Fighter updated. [Soul Fighter review]

Five of Alawar games can now be played online. No time limit, and it doesn't take too long to load as well.

The New Satan Sam released. Thanks to svrman for the info.

Positech Games currently working on a new project named Kudos.

Ryan Dudley's web site can be found here. [Sea of Chaos review]
Anonymous Anonymous said at 2/19/2006 03:16:00 PM:  
Just to complete my trilogy of comments on this game:

(1) In some respects, this is the most playable of the series. There's actually some skill involved.

(2) The annoying "guess where to jump to grab the ledge" element is particularly annoying in this game, because there are at least two points in the game where it is very important that you be able to grab the ledge at the right time.

(3) The boss is something different. Yay.

(4) The story seems not to add up. I'm not going to replay the series to make sure, or spoil too much here, but it doesn't feel like Yahtzee planned the plot out from the get-go. Particularly, the villain's motivation in -- for example -- telling 1213 that he should've stayed with the mutants in Episode 2 doesn't make much sense.

(5) Indeed, the whole operation of the station doesn't make much sense. For example, the relatively low intensity search for 1213, given his significance, the complete ambivalence about having lost the lower quarters to mutants in the first episode, etc., all strike me as completely contrary to the scenario posited in the ending. Hell, the fact that every guard in the game was shooting to kill!

(6) I was disappointed by the lack of a genuine "alternate ending" or -- to the best I could find -- interesting Easter Eggs. In the first episode, you could peer into various cells. (Why were there so many cells, given how the station operates?!) But in this episode, there were at least a couple of moments where I felt you should've been able to interact with the environment, but couldn't. For example, when you pass 1108's vat or 1213's vat or the open door near the end.

(7) Why couldn't they use robots in place of 1213?

Anyway, from a play standpoint, the only things that could've been done to make this one better would've been more fluid controls and more forgiving ledge-grabbing zones. I still don't think it was very fun, but I continue to believe that it's very polished.