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Thursday, March 02, 2006
Al Lowe, Aaron Conners and Telltale team interviewed. [Bone: Out from Boneville review]

Derek Yu interviewed. [I'm O.K. review]

Eets Weekly updated. [Eets preview]

GridWars updated to version 2.8. [GridWars review]

Pushy and the Magic Blocks released.

Every single KQIX screenshot can be found here.

Spooks released. Witty Tim Burton-esque adventure made by a girl.

Excellent year for AGS adventure games indeed, and it's only February.

AGS Forums' third Release Something competition is underway. Plenty of screenshots for upcoming AGS games to plunder.

Favourite quote of the day.

One week, back in 1988, 3 of the top 10 selling games were adventure games: Police Quest, King's Quest 3, and Leisure Suit Larry. I still have that Top 10 list hanging on my home office wall since I programmed all 3 of them. - Al Lowe