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Sunday, March 05, 2006
Base 2 is a new game by Sim which play a little like Every Extend and the current hot favorite, GridWars. The player controls a bit with the mouse, using the left button to activate the shield. Coming in contact with enemy ships when your shield is up will cause them to explode.

Some enemies are too large to eliminate in this manner, so your only option is to maneuver around them. The green bar at the top of the screen indicates the amount of energy you have left, and will depreciate whenever your bit touches an enemy ship with your shields down. You will lose energy regardless of shield status when colliding with large enemies.

The right mouse button can be used to activate the freeze bomb, which freezes all enemies on-screen momentarily. Extra lives can be earned by destroying enemies of the same color in a row in a process called linking. Multipliers are awarded for long links.

A beta version of Base_2 can be downloaded from this page.

Name: Base 2
Developer: Sim
Category: Action
Type: Demo
Size: 2MB