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Saturday, May 20, 2006
Guru Logi Champ is originally a puzzler developed by Compile for the Game Boy Advance, which recently had a reincarnation in the shape of PopCap's Pixelus. In each stage there are usually several white spaces and immovable blocks. These blocks are the only objects which can stop the movement of the pieces that you shoot out of your cannon.

The main objective is to place these pieces on the designated areas indicated by the white squares. Pieces shot out of a cannon will continue sliding until they hit another block. Some tile manipulation skills are required as the number of blocks assigned to you is just enough to complete each level.

These pieces can be retrieved at any time by pressing the down arrow key, providing that the route is clear to do so. The board can be rotated by pressing the Z or X key.

Stages can be played in any order although only ten are present in the demo. A download link for the trial version can be found at the bottom of the page.

Name: Guru Logi Champ
Developer: Compile
Category: Puzzle
Type: Demo
Size: 1MB
Anonymous Anonymous said at 5/14/2006 09:38:00 AM:  
Apparently the game is also being stripped down for a cell phone release in Japan. This was one of the first games I imported for the GBA. It's simply an amazing game, also very difficult to find.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 5/15/2006 03:14:00 AM:  
I really despise the way PopCap are ripping off great but lesser known Japanese titles made by companies they know won't be able to sue them.

Compile are out of business, or at least their property is owned by somebody else now. Mitchell, creators of Puzzloop (PopCap name: Zuma) are also not able to sue because of their size.

Also, the mobile phone version of Guru Logi Champ has been out for a long time now. In fact, there are two versions.