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Friday, June 16, 2006
Navy Mission is another action game by D. Ikushima, simulating mission-based sea battles and intense firefights. The objective is to survive thirty different operations while destroying every ship and plane in each level.

Your ship can be moved around by using the W, A, S and D keys. Left click to fire and right click to swap weapons. It doesn't pay to be trigger-happy because guns and missiles do take a while to reload. Enemy torpedos can be shot at if you happen to have problems outmaneuvering them.

To begin, choose the top left option from the main menu to access a list of all available missions. Click on the left button at the bottom of the screen to confirm your selection. Each stage can be replayed several times to unlock harder difficulties.

Name: Navy Mission
Developer: D. Ikushima
Category: Action
Type: Freeware
Size: 2MB
Anonymous Anonymous said at 6/10/2006 11:16:00 AM:  
Hi Timmy, this site looks awesome
everytime i come back..
I saw the news about site concerns.. i wish u many visitors and many ads clicks.. i hope this site will last forever.. but if u ever close come to my site i need a super-poster like you! XD
Anonymous Anonymous said at 6/10/2006 05:59:00 PM:  
Is this game in japanese or is there an english translation?
Anonymous Anonymous said at 6/11/2006 08:53:00 AM:  
If u ever change your mind you know where to find me ;P lol

Btw i tried the game and it 's beautiful! thank you Tim.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 6/12/2006 10:20:00 AM:  
Keep up the great Job!!

Your Fan