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Sunday, July 02, 2006
Dice Wars is a pretty addictive Flash effort by GameDesign, featuring a dice roll attack system much like the one employed by the board game Risk. The number of opponents controlled by the computer can be selected from the main menu. Dices are used to represented each nation's soldiers on the randomly generated map.

Your army will always wear the color purple, and initiating an attack only requires two mouse clicks. Results are calculated based on your dice throws. If the attacker's total is greater than the defender's, then all but one of the dices are moved into the new territory. If the defending troops prevail, then the attacker will lose every soldier save one.

Unlike Hasbro's classic, troop movements are limited to invasions. Each area can only hold up to eight dices and no more. Army distribution is random, and total new troops awarded at the end of each turn is equal to the largest number of adjoining countries that you currently hold in your grasp.

Name: Dice Wars
Developer: GameDesign
Category: Strategy
Type: Flash
Size: 1MB