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Friday, March 30, 2007
Hello all, this is Shih Tzu. Tim threw an account at me the other day, apparently for me to deface his creation with profanities and screens from softcore mahjongg games. And don't think I won't! But until that day comes, I'll sporadically assist with... I don't know what. Japanese stuff, probably.

Anyway, I thought I'd add a few clarifications I (think I) was able to glean from the 3Hiki blog, 3Hiki ga Takuramu. The group, the new home of the members of GR3PROJECT (La Mulana), is working on a new project called "Death Village", as noted earlier here. According to some of the posts by members Naramura and Samieru:

* The group is now going to try their hand at releasing games commercially.
* The goal: "Sure, there are lots of companies churning out franchise games for popular systems with expensive advertising campaigns... But, we suggest, why can't there also be a company of artisans trying out things to see if they work, one where the graphics and advertising might be disheartening but the games are consistently weird?"
* Death Village is not a sequel to La Mulana, and the public shouldn't expect a similar experience.
* The group actually has two projects in the works. Samieru is concentrating on the second, "more experimental" one.

There is also lots and lots of commentary on Ys Eternal, R-Type, God of War II, Soul Blazer, retro games, freeware games, the Xbox 360, and probably everything in between.


Blogger haowan said at 3/31/2007 04:25:00 PM:  
Very very interesting. Cheers dude.