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Friday, March 30, 2007

Retrobattle updated with four new skill levels and enemy variations. [Hero remake by Wolverine, Iji preview, past projects by Daniel Remar]

A new screenshot from the Astro Marine Corps remake is up at Wolverine's site.


A review for Something Amiss: Chapter 2 can be found here. [walkthrough]

Scratches: Director's Cut has been out for a while now. There's a couple of changes and also a sneak peek at Nucleosys' next project.

A couple of screenshots from White Birds Productions' Sinking Island (Paradise) were recently added.


A commercial version of Prototype Mk II is in the works. [Castle Software, Gravitron, Xain'D Sleena review, Prototype]


A DHTML version of Master Mind was recently released by Thomas Weibel. [Mahjongg Solitaire, Sudoku]

Here are some album recommendations by OMEGA, the creator of Every Extend.

16 dimensional records (creator of Soup ver 0.9)
- A Japanese netlabel for NES-like music.

1. 16D002 Gone Square - Dong (15 tracks)
2. 16D001 Go Square - Dong (12 tracks)

Amen Best Hit's, supposedly a collection of tracks made out of elements from other songs. For example, Guchon's Pajama Hero is an eclectic mix of samples from Super Mario Bros. and an awfully familiar pop song.