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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Daniel Remar's Hero will be remade by Wolverine, who is also responsible for the new Into the Eagle's Nest. [Hero review]

AGS bulletin is an excellent magazine about the current AGS scene. First issue features reviews plus walkthroughs for Duty and Beyond, Trilby's Notes and The House That Ate My Soul.

Vince Twelve's next game will be out this Saturday. [Anna download link, Spooks review]

A video of the new Dot Fighters character in action can be downloaded from Takase's site. [Dot Fighters review]
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/23/2006 04:59:00 PM:  
Oops! The sequel to Spooks won't be out on Saturday as you said. On my site (currently being upgraded) when I said that MY third game will be released on Saturday, I was not referring to Spooks 2, which I am not working on. I was talking about a completely unrelated game.

Spooks 2, titled "Skyward", is being made by Erin Robinson, who made Spooks. I programmed and hosted the first game, but I think Erin's going to have a go at programming Skyward herself. Skyward is not even into the programming stage of development yet and is a long ways away from release.

Sorry for the confusion!
Blogger Tim said at 11/23/2006 05:53:00 PM:  
vince, apologies for the misreporting... I must have missed the development log for your new game. Since anna and spooks were listed on your homepage's sidebar i automatically presumed that spooks 3 was the next release.

i've fixed the above statement, sorry for any inconvenience caused. :)
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/24/2006 03:51:00 AM:  
tim, no problem. I haven't posted a development log for my new game. It's been all stealthy for a surprise release!

Check it out Saturday!