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Friday, April 27, 2007
Acidbomb 2: Rearmed will undergo several changes next month as the game turns from freeware to shareware. The bomb diffusal simulator will be distributed by Oberon Media, then on all other major game portals under it's new name - Shellblast. Exclusive features include:

Virtual Bomb Simulator - choose an empty shell and set your preferences to make the bomb you want to defuse
Endurance Mode - a huge, massive bomb with seven quadrants and increasing pistons
Shell Editor - make your own bomb from scratch to swap and share with friends, or play custom levels by others.
Shell-Drop - the original ShellBlast game in Acidbomb 2 is unlocked from the get-go, complete with enhanced scoreboard features
- All original 51 levels from the freeware version
- Windows Vista support
- New music, along with a jukebox feature that lets you change tracks on the fly.

More screenshots from Shellblast can be found in this forum thread. King of All Cooks (Ore no Ryomi 3) will also be a commercial release under this new banner. [Acidbomb 2 review]

Blogger Paul Eres said at 4/27/2007 11:50:00 AM:  
That game is commercial-quality so I think this is a good idea, though I still wish he'd do something about the frame rate in a few parts... the first one didn't slow my computer at all.