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Friday, June 08, 2007
eXceed3rd-JADE PENETRATE- is the latest vertical shooter from the eXceed series, with much of the interface and gameplay mechanics simplified to allow accessibility for new players while challenging veterans as well.

Extra lives are awarded when the extend gauge is full, while options are granted with each charge of the reinforce bar. Collect small bonus items marked 'P' to increase the extend count, and grab the large ones marked 'D' to add one percentage to the reinforce counter. Bombs are launched using the X key. Hold the Z key for your primary means of attack, and press the C key to focus your shots.

When fighting a boss, a position marker shows up on the bottom margin of the screen, indicating where the boss is on the horizontal axis. Both easy and original modes feature two stages only, though the player will be rewarded with additional boss attack patterns for choosing a harder difficulty setting.

Mirrors can be acquired from this page. Simply click on any of the bracketed numbers from 1 to 12 to begin downloading.

Name: eXceed3rd-JADE PENETRATE-
Developer: tennen-sozai
Category: Shooter
Type: Demo
Size: 250MB
Download page: click here
Blogger Paul Eres said at 6/06/2007 09:35:00 PM:  
Looks great, but 266mb just for the demo? I'm on a cable connection, and even I am loathe to try that out. I think anything about 30mb is pushing it for a demo.
Anonymous Xander said at 6/06/2007 11:08:00 PM:  
The eXceed demos are always pretty big for some reason. I may download it while I'm at work, but the eXceed games are a little too easy I think, at least compared to the Touhou games. Maybe I'm just not playing on a high enough setting (Or maybe I'm scoring pretty low in the grand scale of things)

Still, always good to have another shoot 'em up!