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Saturday, June 02, 2007
Monokey has announced their participation in the latest Shmup-Dev competition, with the entire Force Majeure team reuniting and the introduction of a new member named rayraytea. Force Majeure is still set to debut as a shareware title this winter 2007.

Will the final product adapt a sketched look (like Eraser) or can we expect more pixelated eye candy? Here's hoping that we are able sample more than two levels with the induction of a another sprite artist, but the contest could be tight as X-0ut, Linley and cactus (Prototype, Excellent Bifurcation and Clean Asia) will be involved as well - all winners from previous Shmup-Dev compos. [Force Majeure download page, junkboy's pixel art]

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From this...

To this. Personally I think the art has improved
Anonymous Anonymous said at 6/04/2007 07:27:00 AM:  
Sure, people say that, but yet if somebody made a game that looked just like the scribbles, it'd be appreciated just as much as the beautiful pixel art. :)