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Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble is an extremely unique game by Mousechief, who also made The Witch's Yarn. Set in the 1920s in a high school in the U.S. (with excellent writing in the style of that era).

You take control of a gang of girls and run around taunting, fibbing, flirting, and exposing secrets (each with a corresponding mini-game). This world of high school girls is not as easy a world as you'd think. The writing is excellent and the visual style is unique, one of the more creative and idiosyncratic games I've played this year.

The game is still in production, but due to be released soon.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 7/10/2007 07:00:00 AM:  
It's so ridiculously fun, too =D
Blogger haowan said at 7/10/2007 10:23:00 AM:  
Heh, time to put the spam protection back on :)