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Saturday, July 07, 2007
The Four Color Problem is a new puzzler by GameDesign. The game involves grabbing as much land as possible in turns, though any adjacent areas captured should be of different colours.

Grey and black are assigned to the player, while green and orange belong to the computer AI. Bars and numbers at the bottom of the screen shows the conquest status of both generals, with a small vertical line indicating the winning position that either players should achieve for.

An online high score table is provided.

Name: The Four Color Problem
Developer: GameDesign
Category: Strategy
Type: Browser


Blogger Chentzilla said at 7/07/2007 04:46:00 AM:  
>No two colors can be placed next to each other

I doubt that's the correct description of the rules. As I remember the problem, it's more of "any two adjacent areas should be of different colours".
Blogger Tim W. said at 7/07/2007 04:51:00 AM:  
lol I was skooled. :D