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Friday, September 07, 2007

Bernie is working on two platformers concurrently (pictured above).


Kenta Cho's Least Best Room upgraded to version 0.2. This experimental shooter now comes with indestructible bubbles and updated graphical effects.

A new patch for Fate by Numbers (1GB noir adventure game) is now available. This update fixes Vista compatibility issues.

According to Paul, Fate by Numbers was originally conceived as a trilogy. [more info]


PyWeek Number 5 (a game programming challenge) is currently in progress, and will end this Sunday.

bit-tech.net had recently published up a four-page article about The World of Indie Games.

Upcoming Releases

Graham Goring's Wizball remake is nearly done. [podcast show]

Cryptic Sea plans to release Gish 2 by early 2008.