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Monday, October 22, 2007
Probably the best interview which sums up Jonathan Mak's approach to game development. Here are a couple of interesting bits from said article.

Have you started working on any other projects?

There's collaboration work I'm doing with this musician, but that's sort of on hold since I'm trying to finish this game.

Would you develop for any other platforms?

I'm not done with freeware. I want to make freeware and Sony knows this. Where would I be without Kenta Cho? If I didn't play that game, none of this would have happened. I sort of feel indebted to it.

How did the deal with Sony come about?

I wasn't actually thrilled at the time. I was like, "Oh, Sony--whatever." Because I didn't want anybody to ____ with my game. I was this close to just releasing it (Everyday Shooter) as freeware.
- read the entire interview
Anonymous Anonymous said at 10/23/2007 01:47:00 AM:  
Eh, the PS3-only thing is making me lean towards the "____ you, Jon. I'm going to go play my whatever game." option.

So, still waiting for a PC version.