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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

SchattenJagd is a short noir style adventure game with a point and click interface, made by Johann Scholz using the Visionaire engine. The author has included two separate endings for players to discover.

Name: SchattenJagd
Developer: Johann Scholz
Category: Adventure
Type: Freeware
Size: 30MB
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/26/2007 09:46:00 AM:  
The name is "ShadowHunt" in ENglish.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/26/2007 09:58:00 AM:  
Uh... according to my vocabulary it means "Treasure Hunt".


Oh wait your right! "Schatten" is close to the word "Skat" in my language which means "treasure".
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/26/2007 10:14:00 AM:  
Skat means treasure in your language?


Alright, it may be juvenile of me, but I think that's pretty funny :D
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/26/2007 10:39:00 AM:  
Tr00jg, what language do you speak?
Blogger Chentzilla said at 11/26/2007 12:07:00 PM:  
Anyone has a word on the game?
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/26/2007 01:09:00 PM:  
More than one word, actually...
- it doesn't need to be installed, but can be run directly from the exe.

- the graphics are quite good (think homemade Sin City-style), and it is a first-person adventure

- it is relatively short, and relatively easy, considering that I completed it without resorting to a walkthrough

- the story is a mixture of "The Third Man" and "Fight Club"

Give it a try, there's not much to lose.
Blogger CMSpice said at 11/27/2007 12:33:00 PM:  
For what it's trying to do, I'd say this game does a mediocre job at best. The programming suffers terribly, the artwork, while novel and striking, leaves much to desire, and the whole 'choose your response' type of ending feels like a needless tack on to the gameplay (I'd say the ending would have been more effective as all dialog since it doesn't really make a difference what you choose, and the way the whole conversation pans out, makes this fact painfully obvious). But the length of the game makes these setbacks ostensible but not annoying, and the story itself and the way it is told is innovative in the least and sets foundation for something that could be much more.

try it.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/27/2007 04:28:00 PM:  
thx cmspice for the great and honest critic, i agree that the 2 different endings don't come out that well but time is always a factor, like it was with this project. I'm planning to do a sequel and will be happy for ideas and comments.

for the programing, it wasn't really programmed but build with the visionaire engine, which is an almost freeware adventure engine.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/27/2007 11:39:00 PM:  
I find a comment like "the programming suffers terribly" way too diffuse to be useful.
Blogger CMSpice said at 11/28/2007 02:39:00 AM:  
I'll clear up on the programming comment. I simply mean that the transition time between scenes are extremely choppy and quite obviously not what was intended. There is lag, the sound does not sync up properly, the frames cut funny sometimes. I can totally see what was intended and the effect it is suppose to achieve but what there is is far from the actual effect it's suppose to achieve. I would attribute most of this to bad programming rather than bad design. The design intentions are there and evident and the methods evident as well, but technological setbacks prevent it from being what it's suppose to be.

I suppose since it was done on a freeware engine (was not aware of this) bad programming isn't quite the best way to phrase it maybe more so bad choice of engine (although I've never used it myself).

Reading my own comment, I was a little bit harsh. I forgot to give props for the way you designed the game which is what I really meant when I say your game sets the foundation for something much more.

I'm excited to see what you make next.
Blogger Captain_Duck said at 11/28/2007 05:59:00 PM:  
Oh man i loved this. It's short, and you could see the plottwist coming a mile away, but it was just oozing with style, which makes up for everything.

The puzzles were good to, as in solveable. No annoying things you need a FAQ for but with logical thinking you can actually solve it, you did a very good job on that.

A lot of these types of games make the error of having the solutions so far-fetched so you need a FAQ for it, or the "use everything on everything" approach. Anyway bravo.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 12/02/2007 12:28:00 PM:  
man i can`t get past the main screen, the mouse and keyboard doesn`t work,i can`t only exit using alt+f4, anyone knows the system requirements?,maybe thta`s the problem :(