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Saturday, December 15, 2007
I thought I'd mention another old game that probably has escaped the view of people not in the GameMaker community, Destruere Pizzicato (Or how I was a pizza cutter in 2D land).
It's a quirky little platformer where you play a pizza cutter. One could say it captues the spirit of Pizza very well.
Very short, and only 0.7 MB.
If you don't mind something lacking a bit of spit and polish it's worth a download.

Anonymous Anonymous said at 12/15/2007 04:32:00 PM:  
Wow. What crap. Who told you this was a good game, that 2bears loser?
Anonymous Anonymous said at 12/15/2007 04:36:00 PM:  
Is this up Bill's lane then? I thought he dealt in shmups only...
Anonymous Anonymous said at 12/16/2007 02:31:00 PM:  
I usually don't mind B-Games, but this one didn't really appeal to me personally.
Anonymous Anonymous said at 12/16/2007 05:21:00 PM:  
Don't be bad mouthing the Bill, man :(

U don't rock very much Eden...