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Sunday, November 27, 2005
R.I.P. is the latest release from White Elephant that plays very much like Crimsonland, with some slight differences. Probably the first one that most would notice is that the player now controls a stationary turret instead of a central character that is able to move freely.

The turret has two shot options. A single accurate shot is fired everytime the left mouse button is pressed, and holding down the right button will activate the rapid fire mode. To reload, just tap the middle button.

Enemies will use the landscape and it's surroundings to their advantage, as they hide behind rocks and boulders to avoid your shots. Most obstacles can be blown away, and the playing field is often peppered with highly volatile explosives and barrels containing unstable substances. Some skeletons carry items and destroying them will yield collectible power-ups. The effects usually lasts for a short while, enough time for you to clear the area of hostile units.

Gain experience from kills which can be used to trade for a special upgrade. Health and accumulated experience points are shown on the right side of the screen. Avatar selection will affect the choice of unlockable skill sets, in addition to the basic skills that all characters have access to.

Name: R.I.P.
Developer: White Elephant
Category: Action
Type: Demo
Size: 10MB
Anonymous Anonymous said at 11/28/2005 02:53:00 AM:  
Really nice game!
Blogger Tim said at 2/03/2006 01:26:00 PM:  
Sequel has been announced! :)