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Sunday, February 19, 2006
Obscura: The Shadow Blade looks to be a quality production by Sarbakan, featuring characters and locations rendered in full 3D but it's unfortunate that a poorly implemented control scheme takes just about all the fun out of the game.

It plays a little like Blizzard's Diablo minus the inventory management. By repeatedly clicking on the left mouse button when the protagonist is close to an adversary, she will automatically execute a combination of attack moves. The problem is that it gets very tiring after a short while, which is a shame as there is much to explore and experience in this well-produced effort.

The link will take you to a flash intro. Click on The Game tab, then Play Game to access the download section for the demo.

Name: Obscura: The Shadow Blade
Developer: Sarbakan
Category: Action
Type: Demo
Size: 25MB